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Recent editorial in the Oracle
Democrats and GOP are equally poor choices

One of the most traditional situations that seems to come up every time ever time a war comes around and takes men/women/children while its party members' debate over what is being done right and what is being done wrong. Big time democrats are at this moment muck racking Bush and his republican cronies over everything he has done "wrong recently with Iraq policy and with the nation- cut aid to veterans, destroyed jobs, failure in Iraq with no exit plan, creating a terrible deficit, tax cuts to the rich, alienating the nation from the rest of the world (ala Adolf Hitler), destroying environmental standards set in the '80s-to get ready for their next shot at the presidency. Big time republicans are saying everything they've done "right"-Liberated Iraq, fought terrorism ("those damn livberals wasn us to just sit around and wait? HA!") outlawed partial abortions and, well... liberated Iraq. And what with war? Where do I stand?

I'll be honest with you: I'm very nervous. Republicans, at their core, are led by "christian values" and "christian beliefs" as set forth by what christians are traditionally taught. Whether these republicans are truly christians or not (I am willing to argue to anyone who executes people on death row in the name of the prince of peace may not be exactly headed in the direction toward physical heaven.) is not important: The christian money system/political coalitions are. A Republican will defend Israel or ban gay marriages if they can get some votes. this I are say, is the outline to what I call Modern Conservatives:Controlling peoples rights on the base of a certain moral system. Don't get me wrong--Democrats will too. But Democrats have not been in that position as of late, with George W. saying he is acting in the name of god as a christian.

I am afraid that the majority of today's christians have forgotten the EXAMPLE of christ. Christ would have no part in war. I'm afraid
that most christians refuse to open their eyes. Republicans and Democrats are more or less the same thing. People desiring power and money. And what did christ say of these things?

I ask you that the next time you vote, you think before you automatically consider just one of these two parties. There are more you know.

Really think jesus wants you to send our sons and daughters into wars that may cost them their lives? Honestly? Is there REALLY no other way?

Has anyone stopped to consider it? Actually, yes. If you would like me to e-mail you these sites, I can. You just might be playing for the wrong team spiritually right now.

Josh Kinniard

Josh I'm sure I butchered the article, and misspelled 900 words, but do you realize how long it takes to find a week old copy of the oracle.
11 Feb 2004 by maynard

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