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May 18

I found this on one of my friends myspace sites. Thought I would share the laugh!


Apr 21

Ok bitches for those that thought was was gone your fucking wrong! We are back like a vertebrae! We are still working on the site. We have to make some images for top banner, news image, and chat image, but other than that we pretty much got her going. We are going to start having weekly contest where you can win t shirts, stickers, and etc.

And yes we are going to change the forum also. No old post should not be lost if we find out they are we will put up an old forum link, so that nothing is lost.

Mar 18

Cookeville strikes again! Now before I start this is my own opinion and most people think my opinion is retarded. But you can’t hold a person for their thoughts. It just seems like it’s always something around here.

Police Dog Attack

Everyone pay attention to which cop was handling the dog! It might not be in the papers everytime and it might just be me, but why is it always certain cops? I could honestly go on and on about a few cops that are always into something. Brent Anderson, Chase Mathis, etc. For those that think I hate cops you got me all wrong too. I personally know a few city, county, and state cops. They are wonderfull people.

Why does a police dog not have to be on a leash? Give me one good reason why they shouldn’t! I understand they have to be let off when in a chase, but even a person can be highly trained and make stupid discisions. Therefore even animal lovers know deep down they do stupid crap sometimes. Trained or not!

I wish there was a way (probably not cost efficient) to elect cops, but I wish we could vote in cops like an election. Let them go threw training then have a vote! I know it’s too much money, but we are going to have to do someting to fix this problem. We might as well call this Cookeville, NYC!

This is off this subject but I have to add it in. Just the other day I took a shower and went up to the store to get something to drink (No not alcohol). I passed a cop and put my finger in my ear to get some water out. I don’t know if the cop thought I was flipping him off or what, but he turned his car around like dukes of hazzard and followed me all the way to the store. Even if I did flip him the bird that is not illegal! I was driving speed limit and had my seat belt on. I personally think he just wanted to be a dick!

Mar 16

So there is a lot of talk about the Baxter fire. I’m not sure if a lot of people know, but there have been quite a few fires in the west Baxter area and on top of that my own first cousins house was burnt to a crisp the night after the Baxter fire. Although they are not in west Baxter it is still crazy.

One thing I do not understand and maybe I just have missed the story. But at the same time the Baxter fire was going on there was a break in at a local store in Baxter and supposedly all the 2-3 cops in Baxter where there investigating that. I got the info from a family member and they are older and I could not get all that much info about it. Therefore I do not even know which store it was, but it had something to do with “a money machine” I assume either an ATM or one of those machines that slides money up when you put more money in it. Why this is not in the paper I do not know and like i said maybe I just missed it!

More info on Baxter fire

On a second note everyone please do me a favor and go to this link and put in 38501 right now!!!!!!!

Bring Hank Jr. to Cookeville

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